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Call me old-fashioned, but I've always thought the indulgence of languishing in a newly made bed with freshly washed sheets and legs shaved.

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I've never shaved a man's legs (someone's testicles and face, yes), but when my honey first took off his pants I had to ask if he shaved his I'm pregnant and my husband shaved my legs for me. It's. Jun 22, - Also: Am I gay, or do I stay with my boyfriend; and, how do I know when I'm bi? I’m a queer woman married to a straight man and I could use some help. I appreciate his honesty in saying that as a straight man he’s “not that attracted to a boyish look.”. Whether or not he’s doing.

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Mar 11, - Yes! Why? Because women (not all but by far most) prefer "no hair" according to polls on the subject! That is reason enough. Many men don't Do women still shave their legs out of fear of being shunned by. Nov 1, - He shaved it off last Wednesday night. I now have a husband with prettier legs than me. Matt muttered “I'm putting my BALD foot down.

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Nov 17, - Lying on my back in a bubbling bathtub, I raised my leg daintily – is that not how one shaves one's legs? – and drew the razor to my ankle. Pro swimmers shave their legs—whether they're male or female. But if you're a dude and not an elite athlete should you do the same? It's up to you, really.

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May 10, - The parent has taken to MumsNet to vent her frustrations. Jan 5, - Carin: “It's not as weird as shaving their legs. Men should have some hair though More: What you really think about when your spouse cheats.

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Apr 4, - There's a growing trend in the grooming world for men shaving their legs – according to a Men's Health poll, that is. Nov 1, - About a month after making the pitch, my husband and I were watching TV I don't remember the first time I shaved my legs, but I was probably.

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Feb 8, - I shaved my legs, stomach, shoulders and my face. “There's hardly any place on my body where I'm not hairy. When everything was shaved it. Oct 11, - Recently, a Men's Health editor noticed that more than one guy at the gym had shaved legs. Which made us wonder: Is this a trend? Are guys.

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Jul 25, - As someone who was much hairier than the average woman and not very well-versed in the art of leg-shaving, the process proved to be more. Jan 16, - Though it may be hard to picture, there may come a day when you will have to shave your hairy, manly legs. Maybe you want to see if you can.

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Feb 11, - I started shaving my leg hair when I was in fifth grade. My husband couldn't hide his excitement when I told him I was going to shave my legs. Mar 30, - On whether her husband minds her unshaven legs: “He has no choice. I'll have no man telling me to shave my fuckin' legs. Shave yours.

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Jul 9, - I was a young teenager when I first shaved my legs. I was the last of When I got married I remember asking my husband what he preferred. Apr 3, - Ana Calatayud Perez-Manglano, 24, last shaved her legs four months . Ana (pictured), who stopped shaving her legs because she felt lazy, believes .. of kids as it's claimed she must choose between husband or children.