privacy policy is one of the most leading review based site dedicated towards the privacy of its customers & regular visitors. With strict guidelines & privacy policy of, we offer the optimum services as per the nature of privacy policy of to satisfy the need customers.

Type of information gathered by the from our visitors

  • Vital information shared/provided by the visitors at the time of placing order online from our website, information related to the subscription of anyone newsletters, information given by the visitors during contest/ promotion over health supplements are kept confidential & collected.
  • Information that is requested by the site & of not any relevance will be marked as optional by the
  • We take proper care of cookies for delivering greater browsing experience to our visitors & customers & also for tracking the number of visitors to the site.

What happened to the collected information?

The information being collected by the from the visitors on a daily basis is mainly used for:

  • Improving the browsing experience of visitors.
  • For giving a quick reaction to the appeal of customer & visitors.

Main reason behind a collection of all these information is to deliver the optimum browsing experience to our valued customers whenever they pay a visit to the for accessing vital information related to the reviews of health supplements. We don’t share or sold any particular information without taking prior permission from the owners of that information. We along with the team members of respect the privacy of both our customers & visitors. Safe storage of information will be ensured by the

We can also make use of these details for sending email for updates, regular newsletters under the health supplement industry. So, all the vital information that is being shared & goes into the favour of visitors with the commitment to safeguard the vital information without misusing them.

Safety of information

We keep all the collected information secure & protected with the utilisation of mixed bag of various assurance measures so that all your information will be kept secured. We establish the use of safety passwords on secured servers with our databases. For giving assurance to the data collected on secure manner we have:

  • Safe gateway
  • Restrictive access to the stored information
  • Secure gateway

The vital information that we collect can be of both personal & non-personal type, but neither of them is related to the finance.

Is there any presence of an external link to the other site?

Just in the same way to the other websites present online, the also bears a considerable variety of links to the other sites. On any particular case, the will never be counted for any answers related to the privacy policy. All these sites have their own distinctive administration. Therefore for the safe browsing, it is always suggested to read the privacy policy pages & terms for the secure browsing.

Updates in privacy policy in near future

For offering the better services in the near future, it is always required to make some changes. Our team at always keeps on making some changes related to the privacy policy of our company. For the perfect understanding & better browsing experience, it is highly advisable for you to read the updates in the privacy policy.