Daily Archives: September 5, 2020

Calcium is a mineral which our body requires on a regular basis to maintain a number of functions. This mineral is important for the strong bones and teeth as calcium is the basic structural element of bones and teeth. Along with that, there are multiple benefits of calcium for our body. It is present in many foods and we have to take it from our food dirt as our body cannot produce calcium on its own. On an average, an adult body needs 1000mg calcium per day.  Calcium rich sources are milk, cheese, curd, tofu, fish, whole grains and cereals. However, there are many calcium vegetables which you can include in your diet like kale, cabbage, collard, sweet potatoes and broccoli if you are a vegan. Spinach is also rich in calcium but it is also rich in oxalate which hampers the absorption of calcium in the body and it…

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